Monday, October 15, 2012

An AFPTeaches Student Chimes In

AFPTeaches student, Josh Goralski shares how the skills he's learning through AFPTeaches helped him serve the organization where he served his summer internship ...
"When I think back on the nonprofit classes I have taken at Rockhurst, they really equipped me with the skills necessary to be an asset to the Food Bank at which I interned this past summer. I come to Rockhurst from the Chicago suburbs. One of the main reasons I decided to come to Rockhurst was the Nonprofit Leadership Studies program. With only one Nonprofit class to go I can say with certainty that it was well worth coming this far to go to school.
All the nonprofit classes have benefited me in one way or another during the summer. Additionally, I can say I have gained so much from the class discussions we have and the ways in which the faculty tie in their current nonprofit jobs into class discussions.
One of the many tasks I did while I was interning this summer was some grant writing. The Fundraising Class I took at Rockhurst was fantastic and equipped me with the skills necessary to write a $10,000 grant that was fully funded from a new donor. Being able to intern at a nonprofit with grant writing knowledge is a huge asset as I found out this summer. In addition to grant writing, I also did a lot of grant research. Rockhurst helped me serve as an asset to the organization."