Monday, January 28, 2013

Another Student Perspective

AFPTeaches student, Katelin Saalfleld attended the Alliance Management Institute (AMI) Conference in Atlanta, GA. Here, she shares how her AFPTeaches experience is helping prepare her for a career in  fundraising.

This past winter break, I attended the AMI 2013 conference in Atlanta Georgia. It was a wonderful experience and it really helped me understand how large the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance really is.  I loved being able to talk to other students and CNPs from around the nation about the work that they were doing in this inspiring sector.  Throughout the different breakout sessions and workshops, one thing stuck out to me more than anything: I already knew most of the information that was being covered.  I view this as a testament to the AFP Teachers at Rockhurst University.  While going through the Nonprofit Leadership Studies degree program, I learned not only the answers to questions like Who, What, and When but also, How and Why.  We learned mostly through hands-on case studies and really delved deep into answering why these nonprofits were doing what they were doing and their outcomes.  I feel very prepared going into the working world with the amazing education I have received from my teachers.

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